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Salsa Catering

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Deeply Valued Customers,

We live in a time when the Latino experience is booming, and all aspects of the culture - music, dancing, and food - are celebrated worldwide. The New York and surrounding communities have helped shape Salsa's role as an ambassador of the Latino experience by consistently challenging us to evolve and keep pace with the community's progress.


Our vast clientele ranges from iconic cultural brands such as Goya Foods and Marc Anthony to prestigious venues such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Yankee Stadium. It all began with a young Latino entrepreneur and a vision to open a Bronx catering company. He has one core vision & mission:


To bring the criollo culture to the world dining experience


To achieve 100% customer and guest satisfaction in an environment of trust, comfort, and excellence that establishes life-long relationships.

Salsa brings the culture through high-caliber catering, special event planning & execution, food services, and hospitality. During this time, Salsa has evolved into an institution.


We are incredibly thankful for your support and invite you to join us in celebrating the legacy that we have collectively built. All of us at Salsa offer you humble and heartfelt thanks. We sincerely appreciate the trust you show us by allowing us into your homes, family gatherings, and organization events.


We look forward to celebrating with you the milestones of the past and present and all the possibilities yet to come.


¡¿Tiene Salsa?!


Daniel R. Garcia


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